Card Shack’s Basketball Buying List!

Vintage Singles Cards

Lew Alcindor

Nat Clifton

Nat Holman

Red Holzman

George Mikan

Bill Russell

Maurice Stokes


Red Auerbach

Wilt Chamberlain

Bob Cousey

Joe Lopchick

Bob Petit

Dolph Schayes

Jerry West


And Many Other Vintage Basketball Stars!

Elgin Baylor

Carl Braun

Tom Heinsohn

Dick McGuire

Oscar Robertson

Bill Sharman

Vintage Common Cards and Complete Sets

1975-76 and Prior!

We Also Buy Rookie and High end Insert Cards

Lebron James

 Julius Erving

Walt Frazier

Bill Bradley


Kevin Durant

Magic Johnson

Earl Monroe

Dave DeBusschere


And Many Other Recent High End Players!

Michael Jordan

Larry Bird

Willis Reed

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